Right Reaction has the best instructors.  Right Reaction also has the best clients! 
Approximately 95% of our clients are repeat customers - summer after summer.

Here's what parents - our real clients - are saying about Right Reaction Swim Lessons:

Michelle is a mom of 2 girls, but invited many of her neighbours and friends to do lessons at her backyard pool over the last 6 summers.  Michelle says:
I am pleased to act as a reference for Brad Whalen and the Right Reaction team.  Brad and the members of his team worked as swimming instructors & lifeguards, and provided first aid certification training at my home over the last six summers.

Brad's professionalism, knowledge, and punctuality along with his friendly approach to the lessons, made him a hit with adults and children alike. I would estimate that in our pool, Brad taught at least sixteen children to swim, dive and provide first aid.  Brad's friendly demeanor enabled him to turn even the most reluctant program participant into a comfortable and happy swimmer.

Over the past few summers, I have noticed a steady improvement in the girls’ swimming strokes and endurance. They are more confident swimmers and are now very comfortable in the water. I feel that because of their improvement, I can be more comfortable when they are in and around the water. I know they are more competent swimmers who can help themselves and others if there is an emergency.

I highly recommend Brad and his team and without reservation.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at my home should you require any further information.

Yours sincerely,

Michelle L

Kim is a mom of 2 boys & 1 girl.  They have been taking Right Reaction Lessons for 6 years in their backyard pool.
Kim says

Brad of Right Reaction has been teaching my three children swimming lessons for six summers. For the first couple of summers that Brad taught my youngest child, he would cry the entire lesson and not want to swim at all. Today, he is able to swim several lengths of the pool with great confidence!

Brad is a wonderful teacher. He corrects strokes, teaches water safety and first aid and always has time for fun play with the kids in every lesson. Brad makes it so easy for mothers with young children because we don’t have to leave our homes. We can just go into the backyard for lessons! We have really enjoyed having Brad teach our children and will continue with our Right Reaction swim lessons every summer. Thanks Brad for offering such a wonderful service!

Kim G