Pet First Aid Course

Pet First Aid

Fast Facts
Cost: $119.99 - $179.99/person - details below
Length: 4 - 6 hours
Minimum: 6 people per class
Take Home: Dog First Aid &/or Cat First Aid Manual,
Dog &/or Cat DVD, Participation Card (if required)

Will you know the Right Reaction® when your pet needs help?

Your pet depends on you for his or her well-being.  In addition to providing daily care, love and affection, your best friend depends on you in an emergency. Whether your pet becomes ill or injured, or needs help in a disaster, they need you.  Will you know the Right Reaction?

Our Dog First Aid and Cat First Aid courses teach you emergency care procedures for cats and dogs and provide tips for keeping your pet happy and healthy too.

The Pet First Aid course was created for conscientious pet owners.  Each course includes a Dog First Aid and/or Cat First Aid full-color reference guide that builds first aid skills and provides guidance for emergency situations until veterinary care is available.  Each guide is also packaged with a DVD that demonstrates how to perform many of the first aid steps described in the book.

Learn how to...
Administer medications
Recognize an emergency
Perform CPR and first aid
Treat common problems and emergencies requiring immediate attention
Stock a pet first aid kit


Course Dates
January 18, 2017 (5p - 10p)
Dates to be announced
Host Your Own Pet First Aid course of 6 or more participants
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**For the safety of all participants, pets are not permitted in the class.**

Pet First Aid Courses




#/ Price
Course Includes
1.     $179.99 1 Dog First Aid Manual & DVD + 1 Cat First Aid Manual & DVD + 1 Pet First Aid Kit
2.     $149.99 1 Dog First Aid Manual & DVD + 1 Pet First Aid Kit
3.     $149.99 1 Cat First Aid Manual & DVD + 1 Pet First Aid Kit
4.     $119.99
1 Dog First Aid Manual & DVD OR 1 Cat First Aid Manual & DVD

Learn the Right Reaction

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