Marine Advanced First Aid (MAFA)

Marine Advanced First Aid

Fast Facts
Cost: $649.99/person
Length: 31 - 40 hours
Minimum: 4 people per class
Take Home: Emergency Care Manual,
Badge, Pin, Certification Card (upon successful completion)

The course includes First Aid & CPR Guidelines 2010 and meets Federal regulations and a variety of provincial/territorial regulations for Advanced First Aid.

This course is designed to teach Marine First Responders advanced first aid techniques including how to sustain life and prevent further injuries until advanced medical personnel arrive.  The consequences of further injury are also explored.

Course Details:

  • 31–40 hours with flexible scheduling options
  • 3-year certification in Marine Advanced First Aid
  • Includes CPR Level HCP
  • Includes AED (Automated External Defibrillation) certification
  • Focus on adapting Advanced First Aid techniques to the Marine Environment
  • Conducted by a certified Red Cross First Responder Instructor or Emergency Medical Responder Instructor


CPR/AED Level C is mandatory, but it is recommended that participants have completed a Standard First Aid + CPR/AED course.

Course Content:

A big focus of the course is on advanced first aid equipment including:

  • Oral Airways
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Automated External Defibrillators
  • Measuring Blood Pressure
  • Spinals - including boarding, cervical collars and helmet removal
  • KED application (Kendrick Extrication Device)
  • Traction Splints (Sager Traction Splint)

The course also teaches about serious injuries including:

  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Cardiac Emergencies (CPR-HCP)
  • Deadly Bleeding and Shock
  • Injuries to the Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis
  • Special Populations and Crisis Intervention
  • Childbirth Multiple Casualty Incidents

Take-Home Materials:

  • Canadian Red Cross Emergency Care Manual
  • NEW Canadian Red Cross CPR/AED Manual
  • Certification card, Wall Certificate, Badge