- a decision will be made at 8a on the day of the lesson

- a decision will be made at 12:30p on the day of the lesson

- a decision will be made at 4p on the day of the lesson

We try NOT to cancel lessons unless there is lightning, hard rain or windy conditions. It is complicated to reschedule, as we have multiple lessons throughout the day.

In the event of severe rain or thundershowers, the “Right Reaction” is to cancel the lesson in the interest of safety. Right Reaction® will try to give as much notice as possible if a lesson has to be cancelled, but sometimes storms are unpredictable. As water is one of the first places lightning may strike, Right Reaction® will not take chances with bad weather. The interest of safety will always outweigh other concerns. Right Reaction® will contact you if a lesson must be cancelled due to poor weather.

Right Reaction® may also cancel a lesson if cold or windy weather hampers our ability to offer a quality lesson. Water, wind and cool weather do not mix well, and children may experience chills faster in cooler weather (not to mention the instructor). The combination of cooler weather and water may also pose a risk of hypothermia. In the event that Right Reaction® deems it too cool to offer a quality lesson, a lesson may be cancelled.

If a lesson is cancelled because of inclement weather, it will be rescheduled whenever possible. In the event that bad weather strikes after a lesson has started, Right Reaction® will consider a full lesson has been taught in the event that half or more of the lesson has been taught. If a lesson is less than half over, Right Reaction® will reschedule the lesson at no charge. Refunds will not be issued unless Right Reaction® cannot accommodate a rescheduled lesson.


24 hours notice is required if a cancellation is required. Right Reaction® will reschedule the lesson so long as we are given 24 hours notice. If a lesson is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, Right Reaction® reserves the right to not reschedule the missed lesson and no refund will be issued. Right Reaction® will make an effort to accommodate rescheduling if required.


In the event of instructor illness or extenuating circumstances, if Right Reaction® has to cancel a lesson, it will be rescheduled at no cost. We make every effort not to cancel a lesson and a replacement instructor may be used in some circumstances.