Private, specialized, professional instruction for children & adults is now available in YOUR backyard pool.

Right Reaction® proudly offers the RED CROSS SWIM program – Canada’s premier learn-to-swim program.

Right Reaction® Swim Instructors are Red Cross certified instructors with a minimum of 3 years experience.

Right Reaction® is the only private swim lesson provider that teaches swimmers to make the Right Reaction® in the water and uses a unique “progressions” method of teaching which improves the swimmer’s endurance, skills, and strokes at a faster pace.  Private lessons help the swimmer increase retention of new skills and strokes and allow for immediate, personal feedback.  This allows the swimmer to make significant strides in their overall swimming abilities and comfort in the water in a shorter time period.

Let us know the areas you want to work on, and we'll coach you with the tips and drills needed to improve.

We can help with:
- Putting Your Face in the Water
- Bubbles & Breathing
- Floats & Glides
- Kicking
- Propulsion

Or we can help you improve with:
- Treading Water
- Side Breathing
- Stroke Correction
- Power & Propulsion
- Endurance
- Diving

- Learn lifesaving techniques


Are your children stuck at a specific level, and can’t get over the hump?  Let us work with them and you’ll see an improvement in their abilities and endurance.

Want to learn how to dive?

As a certified Canadian Amateur Diving Association (CADA) Instructor, Brad will show you the techniques you need to be a great diver!