What Is A Red Cross Training Partner?

Red Cross TP Logo

A Training Partner (TP) is an individual or company licensed by the Red Cross to teach Red Cross programs.  Basically, a RC TP is like a franchisee of the Red Cross.

A Training Partner:


Training Partners fall into 2 categories.  They can be authorized to teach first aid services or water safety services.  In many cases, an TP is certified in both.

First Aid Services include:

First Aid Programs:
  • Standard First Aid + CPR/AED
  • Emergency First Aid + CPR/AED
Advanced First Aid Programs:
  • First Responder
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Marine Advanced First Aid
Children's Programs
  • Babysitting
  • PeopleSavers
Occupation Oriented Training
  • ChildCare First Aid (Emergency/Standard)
  • Marine Basic First Aid

Specialty Training

  • Sport First Aid
  • Pet First Aid

Water Safety Services include:

  • Red Cross Swim Preschool (7 levels)
  • Red Cross Swim Kids (10 levels) 



Taking a course with a Red Cross Training Partner is the same as taking a course at the Red Cross.  So why not contact Right Reaction for your next Red Cross course!