Mission: Right Reaction® promises to provide the best First Aid & Water Safety Training and Services at a fair price. We will achieve this by offering internationally recognized first aid and swimming programs through the Red Cross and by using only the best instructors who have top-notch training and teaching skills. You'll always learn the Right Reaction® with us!

Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid, CPR, AED, First Responder, Emergency Medical Responder, Standard Child Care First Aid, Emergency Child Care First Aid, Marine Advanced First Aid, Marine Basic First Aid, Oxygen Administration, Airway Management, Pet First Aid, Sport First Aid, Preventing Disease Transmission, Babysitting and PeopleSavers.

Red Cross Swim Preschool (7 levels for preschoolers aged 3-5), Red Cross Swim Kids (10 levels for kids aged 5-12), Red Cross Swim Basics (for teens & adults who want to develop or increase their comfort in water) and Red Cross Swim Strokes (for teens & adults who want to improve their strokes and endurance).

WSIB approved workplace first aid kits, home & family first aid kits and car & marine first aid kits.  We are an authorized dealer for Zoll AED's (Automated External defibrillators) and accessories.  We also offer pet first aid kits, CPR barrier devices, first aid station signage and much more.  Whether it's a simple first aid kit for the home, a fully-stocked first aid station for the workplace or something in-between, we are your source.

First Aid services, Lifeguard services and Event services for your gathering.

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We are located in Hamilton Ontario Canada
Providing service to the entire Golden Horseshoe and surrounding areas!