10 level program

6 - 12 year old children

Children learn to swim, be fit, and stay safe in a fun environment that promotes achieving a personal best and celebrates personal success. The program teaches competitive and survival strokes, as well as increasing the distance and speed that each swimmer can achieve, while focusing on making safe decisions in, on and around the water.

Program Structure

Skills & Water Safety are taught throughout the program and are targeted to each age group, with an increased focus on staying active and safe in the water.

Swimming Strokes are built throughout the levels, using solid, proven progressions with a focus on drills & distance.

Fitness Activities build endurance and promote individual success and improvement.  They also encourage lifelong physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The program is based on a foundation of continuous evaluation that challenges the individual swimmers to continually go beyond what they have acquired. The Water Safety Instructors use performance criteria on the Instructor worksheets to determine the minimum standards for each item in the level, while targeting feedback and practice opportunities to the learning needs of each swimmer.


LEVEL 1 - Front Glide, Back Glide, Side Glide, Rollover Glide, 5m Front Swim
LEVEL 2 - 10m Front Glide & Kick, 5m Back Glide/Side Glide & Kick, 5
m Front Swim
LEVEL 3 - 15m Front Glide & Kick, 10m Back Glide/Side Glide & Kick, 10m Front Swim
LEVEL 4 - 15m Front/Side Glide Combo, 15m Back Swim w/ Shoulder Roll, 10m Front Crawl
LEVEL 5 - 15m Front Crawl, 15m Back Crawl, 10m Back Whip Kick
LEVEL 6 - 25m Front Crawl, 25m Back Crawl, 15m Elementary Back

LEVEL 7 - 50m Front Crawl, 50m Back Crawl, 25m Elementary Back, 15m Front Whip Kick
LEVEL 8 - 75m Front Crawl, 75m Back Crawl, 25m Elementary Back, 15m Breast Stroke
LEVEL 9 - 100m Front Crawl, 100m Back Crawl, 50m Elementary Back, 50m Breast Stroke
LEVEL 10 - 100m Front Crawl, 100m Back Crawl, 50m Elementary Back, 50m Breast Stroke,
25m Sidestroke


Michelle is a mom of 2 girls, but also invited many of her neighbours and friends to do lessons at her backyard pool over the last 6 summers.

Michelle says: "I am pleased to act as a reference for Brad Whalen and the Right Reaction team. Brad's professionalism, knowledge, and punctuality along with his friendly approach to the lessons, made him a hit with adults and children alike. I would estimate that in our pool, Brad taught at least sixteen children to swim, dive and provide first aid. Brad's friendly demeanor enabled him to turn even the most reluctant program participant into a comfortable and happy swimmer. Over the past few summers, I have noticed a steady improvement in the girls' swimming strokes and endurance. They are more confident swimmers and are now very comfortable in the water. I feel that because of their improvement, I can be more comfortable when they are in and around the water. I know they are more competent swimmers who can help themselves and others if there is an emergency. I highly recommend Brad and his team and without reservation."

- Michelle L