1.  LEARN the information in our class.

2.  WRITE the Boater Exam®.

3.  GET the CARD!

As a certified instructor for BoaterExam.com®, I will teach you the safety information you'll need to operate your         pleasure craft.  Upon successful completion of the exam, you'll receive your temporary PCO card on the spot.  4 - 6        weeks later, your card will arrive in the mail.

Here are the details:

1.  LEARN - Our boating safety course, Boater Exam® manual and helpful instruction will teach you about the rules of the waterway, who has the right of way, important nautical terms, safety tips and other requirements to be a safe and legal boat operator.  The class is also the only way to ASK QUESTIONS to help clarify the topics, which may later be seen on the exam.

2.  WRITE - Write the exam right after you've finished the course, while the information is fresh in your mind.  Plus, the instructor can help clarify the wording used in the exam questions. 

3.  GET the CARD!  You'll receive a temporary card on the spot after successfully completing your exam and your permanent card arrives in the mail, about 4 - 6 weeks later.  With your temporary card, you can start boating immediately - and legally.

TIME - 3 hrs total for the class and the exam

COST - $80 + tax

SPECIAL $65 + tax - if you've taken Right Reaction® training in First Aid, CPR/AED or Swimming and have your CURRENT certification card.


Right Reaction® offers the safe boating course & exam on behalf of BoaterExam.com®

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